viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

8 años sin un alma hermosa

You are one of those who shouldn't have gone. But, still, you're not gone. You're still here in every song, in every chord and in every word you wrote. You're still among us, in our hearts and in our memory. Even though most of us didn't get to meet you, many didn't even get to hear you live, many may even have just started listening to your music, we miss you. Even though some might say it's ridiculous to think we actually know you, we know we do. And we are proud of that. Proud of the feeling that you're our friend. But above all, we are thankfull. Thank you Elliott, thank you thank you thank you! There'll never be words to thank you enough, but we'll keep on trying!

Hope you've found peace, wherever you are.

Shine on me baby, 'cause it's raining in my heart.

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